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iPhone SE

Several reports from iPhone SE owners indicate that the devices won’t turn on after they turn themselves off. The problem could be caused by the iOS firmware or hardware, but you can try the solutions below and see which one works to resolve the problem.

If it’s a firmware crash, the phone can recover by itself or reboot on its own depending on the severity of the issue. Sometimes the apps crash due to system crash or “black screen” but the dangers come in where the phone leaves the screen black, frozen, and unresponsive.

Below are some solutions you can use when your iPhone SE won’t turn on.

How to fix iPhone SE won’t turn on

Soft reset

To do this:

  • Press down and hold the Home button and Power or Sleep/Wake key for up to 20 seconds
  • If the battery has some charge on it, the Apple logo will appear
  • When you see the logo, release the keys and wait for the reboot to complete

If this resolves it, back up your files and data as it may occur again.

Check your iPhone SE battery charge level

If your iPhone SE doesn’t respond after a soft reset, check the battery charge level. You can do this by trying to charge it for up to ten minutes and power it on again. If it doesn’t turn on again, try a soft reset as the phone is charging as it may be both drained battery and system crash.

You can also check the charging cable for breakage, use a different charger, check the charger pin if its bent, check the charging ports for anything that’s preventing charging like debris, or lint.

Verify that there’s no physical or liquid damage

Your iPhone is probably damaged physically, maybe due to a fall or it got wet. If this is the case, it can affect the phone’s components, so take it to an authorized Apple store for repairs or further assistance.

If none of these solutions helped, call Apple tech support or make an appointment with them to have your device checked, and repaired.

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