GTA 6: Is it Possible to Only Come out in 2023?

The Grand Theft Auto 6 could actually not get released that soon as we all thought, but its rollout might be pushed further away. A YouTuber by the name of ChampChong uploaded a video in which he does a great job explaining why.

The gaming world is anxiously waiting for the E3. In spite of suggestions that Rockstar may be the key presence of the event, the game studio is more prone to avoid the show as it is inclined to publish its teasers and other releases on its channels instead.

In the time others are distracted by the forthcoming E3 conference, a few content creators are assembling smart hypothesis about when the next GTA will appear. The idea that GTA 6 will be a next-generation game is already widely known, but players thought it could be a rather early-generation launch.

YouTuber ChampChong has highlighted prior launches of the game studio and its release pattern over the past decade and came up with concerning states that imply the game will launch to the PS5 and the Xbox Two (Scarlett) much later than previously thought.

The YouTuber details how the GTA games were initially having a release gap of two years, but that has changed in the last period because of more extended development periods, more intricate technologies, and broader open worlds.

ChampChong notes that it has passed six years since the last GTA title, and it’s the most prolonged period that passed without a GTA game since the first one was released. GTA 4 broke the one to two-year launch, and it rolled out four years later, with an entirely brand new mechanism, and new generation controllers.

The next gap was of five years, until the 2013 release of GTA 5, and it was the longest until the six-year period that takes place right now. The YouTuber notes that the gap might widen to seven or even eight years.

At this rate, we might see the official launch date for GTA 6 to come around 2023, a decade after its predecessor has been released. Even though we hope that would not be the case, we also know that it can be possible.

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