How To Create Rooms in WhatsApp Web?

We can all consider ourselves very lucky to be able to use WhatsApp in different ways, meaning the world’s most popular instant messaging app. Whether you’re contacting your loved ones via Android/iOS devices, or you prefer the old fashioned way of using the computer, the Facebook-owned service has it covered for you.

Let’s suppose you’re not the type of person who likes to write messages by using the phone’s touchscreen. We have to admit that the comfort provided by a physical keyboard is priceless, and that’s a good reason to install WhatsApp Web on your computer. Furthermore, the program will obviously sync with the mobile app in order to allow you to see all of your WhatsApp messages from both your PC and phone. Although the vast majority of people prefer to use WhatsApp on a mobile device, having it installed on your computer can surely provide an extra level of comfort.

Creating a Messenger room in WhatsApp Web will help a lot

Messenger Rooms offers the user the possibility to contact easier groups of favourite people that he shares interests with. For instance, you can have a room with your co-workers, one with your family, and another one with the people you go fishing with.

Creating a room in WhatsApp Web is simple, as you just how to follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web ( and select the Menu or the drop-down sign from above, and ultimately: hit the ‘Create a room’ option.
  2. Select ‘Continue in Messenger’ as your browser will open up the com webpage. You must remember that at this point, the Facebook terms will apply since you’ll have to log into the social network.
  3. If prompted, you have to click ‘Try It’.
  4. Select Create Room as {name}.

That’s pretty much all you need to know, and you’ll also have the option of sending others a link to your new room. Facebook owns WhatsApp since 2014, so there’s no wonder how we’re seeing Messenger Rooms available for the instant messaging app.

With Messenger Rooms, you won’t even have to worry if someone is available or not. As long as you share the link, people can join the room at their convenience.

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