Full-Page Browser Screenshots Render Black [SOLVED]

full-page browser screenshots
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There are several ways you can take full-page browser screenshots in web browsers compared to having to save a document to your computer as a web page, or printing it altogether. You can use tools that you have to install to take screenshots, or take them manually if you don’t want to install a new program or app to screenshot your browser.

Sometimes, taking screenshots manually or using browser extensions may cause them to render black, no matter how you try – it still displays a transparent or black outcome. This isn’t what you wanted to save, but you can fix it.

If you’ve tried everything you can and nothing seems to fix the problem, there are solutions that can restore the full screenshot functionality across your web browser, especially Chrome or Firefox.

You don’t’ need to use any hardware, just your NVidia graphics card with its drivers updated, an updated Windows 10 version, and zero USB devices or extensions. The graphics card comes in handy because one of the solutions i.e. turning off hardware acceleration in your browser, helps restore full-page browser screenshotting functionality.

How to Fix Full-Page Browser Screenshots Render Black

In Chrome

·         Click the Menu (three vertical dots icon at the top right side of the screen

·         Now click Settings

·         In the search box, type Hardware or scroll down and click Advanced and look for System section

·         Deselect Use hardware acceleration when available

In Firefox

·         Click the burger icon (three lines) at the top right side of the screen

·         Select Preferences

·         Type Hardware in the search box or go to Performance

·         Deselect Use recommended performance settings

You can also use a different computer if you don’t want to resolve the full-page browser screenshots rendering black issue with the steps above. It may work better on a different computer like a MacBook.

Nonetheless, turning off hardware acceleration isn’t hard, but it can help resolve an issue like this quickly. You can add it to your tips and tricks should you have other browser issues that you can’t put your finger on.

Did these fixes help you resolve the full-page browser screenshots rendering black issue? Let us know in a comment below.

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