About Us

Tech News Watch was founded in 2017 and covers a spectrum of news related to technology, science and health. The mission of Tech News Watch is to offer honest reporting, unique stories, news coverage, product information and reviews, as well as social interaction with our readers. We strive to remain objective and open-minded about technology and label opinion pieces as such.

We believe new media should not leave traditional journalism behind. Our skilled team of journalists takes an immersive approach to reporting, investing in the stories we cover.

Our staff:

Elsie Otachi – [email protected]

Elsie is a tech writer with 8+ years professional experience. For Tech News Watch, she brings rich experience contributing to topics such as Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS among others. In her spare time, she loves checking out the latest tech trends, gadgets, and news, listening to music and cars.

Frances Cooper – [email protected]

Frances might be just at the beginning of her career, but after attending a technical school, she has a fresh perspective on today’s technology. She contributes to the site with tech news.

Dorothy Moffitt – [email protected]

Dorothy has been a journalist for ten years and has been working with the Tech News Watch staff since the beginning of the news site. Her main contribution to Tech News Watch are mobile, IT and science news, with a focus on software updates and great outer space discoveries.