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iphone SE disabled

If you happen to forget the passcode and find your iPhone SE disabled, you can fix that. When you key in the wrong passcode several times, your iPhone will display a message that the device is disabled.

However, if you’re completely unable to remember your passcode, you’ll be forced to erase your device, which means all your settings and data will be deleted – even the passcode. If you made a backup before forgetting the passcode, you can save the data on your device.

To resolve iPhone SE disabled issue, follow the steps below.

How to Fix iPhone SE Disabled

Remove your iPhone SE passcode

If you were able to back up your device previously, you can restore all your settings and data once you restore the iPhone SE. however, if you didn’t make a backup before forgetting the passcode, you won’t save any data from your device.

To remove the passcode, do the following:

Download and install iTunes on your PC or Mac. You can use a friend’s computer if you don’t have one. If you already have iTunes, go to the next step.

  • Hold down the sleep/wake button at the top of your iPhone SE for some seconds
  • When the message appears on your screen to slide power off, release the button
  • Move the slider to the right to power off your iPhone
  • A progress wheel will be displayed at the center of the iPhone’s screen and the device will go off seconds later. If you wait too long before sliding the button to the right, the device will cancel the shutdown process automatically.
  • Go to iTunes and look for Restore or Update
  • Select Restore

iTunes will download all the software for your device. If the process goes longer than 15 minutes, the iPhone will exit recovery mode. This means you’ll have to redo the steps all over again.

Wait until the process is complete and then set up and use your device. If for some reason you cannot update or restore the iPhone via recovery mode or you can’t use it because of stuck or broken buttons, get in touch with Apple support and follow the steps to setup iPhone SE service.

Did this help fix the iPhone SE disabled issue on your device? Let us know in a comment below.

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