Google Play Store Version 26.3.16 Improves The App Market’s Reliability And Performance

Do you remember what your life was ten years ago?

You probably remember tidbits of your routine, but we are going to talk about a smartphone app that was becoming very popular during that period – Android Market.

If you are a younger reader, that name may not bear any significance for you.

However, if you used to own an Android smartphone during that time, you may remember that name.

Android Market was an app market where users could search for an app and download it right away.

The app was terrific – It was simple to use and had pages with recommendations and top apps.

Over time, Android Market didn’t suddenly disappear – It got a facelift, and it was named Google Play Store.

With the transition, some features were added.

For instance, extra content like music or magazines/books were added.

Additionally, the overall theme and colour scheme of the app were changed. The app became more pleasant to use.

With time, the app became increasingly better. Still, its core functionality remained the same.

Thankfully, the app receives occasional updates. After all, it is an app like any other.

It has recently reached version 26.3.16. These are the patch notes that followed the update:

  • [0] – For all devices.
  • [5] – For Android Wear devices
  • [8] – For Android TV devices.

As you can see, the update is available for all Android devices.

We recommend installing the new update as soon as possible. After all, it is the app you use to get other apps. You wouldn’t want it to go out of date or be susceptible to hacker attacks.

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