Fix Google Play Store Not Working On Mobile Data

If you own an Android device, you know Google Play Store is your treasure trove of apps and their respective updates. Besides being easy to use, it also has several privacy tools like parental controls, and apps of all sizes are available – big or tiny.

Sometimes Google Play Store may not work especially when using mobile data so you can’t download apps or updates. Find the fixes for this problem below.

What to do when Google Play Store isn’t working on Mobile Data

Clear cache and data

  • Open Settings>Apps/App Manager
  • Go to All apps or Installed apps
  • Tap Google Play Store>Storage>Clear Storage/data>Clear cache
  • Restart your device

Do the same for Google Play Services.

Cancel download

Your phone settings may have auto-update allowed for apps only over WiFi and pending downloads can be a result of this choice. Stop all the apps that are currently being downloaded by opening Play Store and going to My apps and games, and then cancel all downloads, and start downloading on mobile data.

Enable Airplane mode

Enabling Airplane mode turns off all the device’s connections, after which you can try and use Google Play Store again. To do this:

  • Open Settings>Network & Internet
  • Tap Airplane mode
  • Wait about two minutes and disable Airplane mode again and try to download apps via mobile data

Disable Background Data Restrictions

  • Open Settings>Network & Internet
  • Tap Data usage>App data usage (under Mobile data
  • Now tap Google Play Services
  • Enable Background data and Unrestricted data usage (if off)

Do the same for Play Store and Download Manager

Delete your linked Gmail account

Your linked account can be one of the culprits of Google Play Store not working on mobile data. Delete it and add it back using these steps:

  • Open Settings>Accounts
  • Tap the account linked with Play Store
  • Now tap Remove account and restart your device
  • Go to Settings>Accounts>Add account>Google
  • Add username and password
  • Open Play Store and download apps

Reset App preferences

This enables disabled apps and notifications, background data, resets default apps, and permission restrictions.

  • Open Settings>Apps/App Manager/Apps & Notifications>All Apps
  • Tap the three-dot icon at the top right side
  • Select Reset app preferences and confirm by tapping Reset app preferences

Use Safe mode

This troubleshoots issues with third-party software, among other issues.

  • Switch off the device
  • Press and hold down the power button until the manufacturer’s logo appears
  • Release the power button and press volume down until the device boots up
  • You’re now in Safe mode (displayed at the bottom left side)
  • Restart your device after two minutes

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