Fix Google Chrome Extensions Not Syncing

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions are popular among Chrome users, and range from time-saving, to productivity boosting and fun tools too. However, as much as they sync across devices so you can use them on any of your devices, it isn’t as delightful when they’re not syncing.

What to do when Google Chrome Extensions aren’t syncing

Check sync settings

You can decide if you want to sync extensions and other Chrome settings on a device. If you want to check whether this option is enabled or disabled, click Menu>Settings, and the click Sync under your profile photo.

From here, you can manage sync settings for extensions, bookmarks, search history and more. Sync everything is another option available for you to manage settings individually.

Re-enable Sync

To do this, disable and re-enable Chrome extension sync to fix any broken syncing for the extensions. Go back to the Sync settings from Menu>Settings>Sync and toggle Sync Everything on, and also toggle Extensions off and back on once.

Repair/Uninstall extensions

Google Chrome extensions can be corrupted owing to unexpected crashes or shutdown. This issue is device-specific so it doesn’t affect devices on which files aren’t corrupted. To check on this:

  • Click Menu>More tools>Extensions. There’s an option to repair the extension if its corrupt
  • Click Repair

You can uninstall and reinstall the extension affected and see if it helps.

Sign out and into your account

This helps with some Chrome-related issues, including when your extensions won’t sync. To do this, open a new tab, click on your profile photo and select sign out. This will also sign you out of Google services like Drive and Gmail.

Do this on all devices you’re using the same account and then sign back in.

Reset Sync

Reset sync is an option in Chrome that only deletes data from Google servers. It shows you all the things that are syncing in Chrome from your computer, and resets your passwords too. This means you’ll have to sign back in for any accounts you had signed into.

Chrome extensions may not sync due to password mismatches, so resetting sync may help.

Create new account for your browser

This isn’t a guest account. It’s a new browser profile. All your data and extensions are saved in Default folder, which you can find in File Explorer.

  • Go to File Explorer, and type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ in the address bar.
  • Exit Chrome and rename the Default folder and then relaunch Chrome. A new default folder will be created.
  • Sign in to your Google account and check if the extensions sync again.

If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall Chrome and see if it helps.

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