Sound not working in Minecraft [SOLVED]

Sound not working in Minecraft

You may be enjoying your gameplay, but suddenly things took a turn for the worse due to sound not working in Minecraft. The game just doesn’t have any sound, except what you can hear from your computer and other apps, but all else is quiet.

The sound issue in Minecraft has been an ongoing one that pops up every now and then, with some players noticing bugs as they play. Similarly, after they update the game to the latest available patch from its developers, the same thing happens.

You need not worry about the problem as there are known causes and solutions to it.

What Causes Sound Issues in Minecraft?

From our analysis of the different user case reports, some of the causes include conflicting sound options in Windows, which don’t support Minecraft hence sound isn’t correctly transmitted.

Other minor issues include muting of the game, enabling Windows family settings that blocks Minecraft from transmitting sound, Mipmap levels, sound enhancements, incomplete installation, bugged game state, and sound drivers may be outdated.

We’ll show you what to do when you find sound not working in Minecraft, because of transmission. If you can’t hear sounds from any computer apps, you need to fix the sound on the computer first.

Fix Sound Not Working in Minecraft

Refresh Minecraft and Textures

Minecraft uses several different textures each with its unique sound association as to how the sound will be transmitted when you interact with objects in the game. If there’s an error, you’ll find sound not working in Minecraft.

To fix this, press F3+S or F3+T on your keyboard to reload models, textures, sounds and other resource pack contents linked to the game.

Reloading the game usually fixes sound issues when any module has an error or wasn’t properly initialized.

Unmute Minecraft

Sometimes Minecraft may have been accidentally muted. Check the volume mixer for Minecraft in the computer to unmute it. To do this:

  • Right click the Sound icon on your taskbar
  • Click Open Volume Mixer
  • Check the Minecraft mini window
  • Increase Minecraft’s volume to full level
  • Launch the game and check the sound

Change Mipmap Levels

Mipmap reduces the flicker and aliasing of the textures in Minecraft, lowering their quality on your game. Some players have reported that changing these levels solved the sound not working in Minecraft issue instantly and restored sound again.

To do this:

  • Open Minecraft and click Options
  • Select Video Settings
  • Find Mipmap
  • Move the slider to change the mipmap levels to 4
  • Restart the game

Keep changing the levels until you discover the optimal level where there aren’t any sound issues.

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