Android Phone Won’t Charge – Get The Fix

Android Phone Won't Charge

You’ve probably experienced this at some point, your Android phone won’t charge and you really need to use it to make some calls, send texts, emails, or have an important chat online. This can be frustrating, but there are ways you can diagnose the issue and juice it up again.

What To Do When Android Phone Won’t Charge

Check your power source, charging cable and wall adapter

These are usually the first culprits before your battery, especially if the phone is fairly new, and you’re sure the battery isn’t the issue keeping the phone from charging.

The power outlet you’re charging from can be faulty, even if you’re trying to charge from the wall. Check the outlet or try a different socket, or charge from your computer. If charging from a USB port, switch ports or try and use a different wall adapter.

If it charges when you change the port, outlet, or wall adapter, it could be that one of these is faulty, so you’ve found the problem.  For a power outlet, get an electrician to check it, or if its your computer’s ports, get a technician to repair it.

The charging cable can also be faulty, but you can replace it with a new one and try charging your phone again. Cables usually go through unwrapping, rewrapping, and flexing, plus you can use weird angles to plug it in, all of which can damage the cable.

Switch cables and see if it helps charge your phone. Also check the wall adapter and charge with a new one if yours is faulty.

Turn off the phone

If your Android phone won’t charge, and you’re playing an intensive game while trying to charge it, it could be using a lot more power than it is gaining, so you think it isn’t charging. Turn it off and check if it starts charging. Switching to airplane mode can also speed up charging time.

Replace your phone battery

If your battery is dying, your phone won’t charge, and you may think of replacing the device. Replace the battery instead, which is cheaper actually. Faulty or damaged batteries either leak or start bulging a little.

If the battery isn’t removable, you can check with a phone expert to sort it out for you.

Update or roll back the Android OS

Software updates or changes can affect battery life even though newer Android versions are optimized for battery saving, but older phones may not. Roll back or update the OS version keeping in mind the latest version has critical bug and security updates your phone needs.

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