Google Play Services 17.5.26 Beta is Now Available for Download with Faster Performances

Even though Google’s Android operating system offers a plethora of powerful features, there is one just one that stands in the middle of the operating system. We are talking about Google Play Services. The interesting thing about Google Play Services is that since this is a background app, most Android fans have no idea what it does on their smartphones. This is why there are many reports of Android fans deleting Google Play Services from their smartphones in order to free up internal storage space only to be left wondering why their smartphones are not running as they should anymore.

Google Play Services is a vital component in the Android operating system and it takes care of various high-priority tasks. One example of this would be the fact that Google Play Services is the one responsible for making it possible for both native Android and third-party apps to receive updates via OTA (over the air) channels. Nonetheless, let’s go ahead and check out the latest update for Google Play Services.

Google Play Services 17.5.26 Beta

We have some great news to share with all Android fans who are enrolled in Google’s beta program. The Android parent has started rolling out a new beta update for Google Play Services. the update sports the 17.5.26 version number and it is being rolled out via official OTA (over the air) channels. What this means is that all Android users who are enrolled in the beta program are scheduled to receive the new update during the upcoming hours.

Faster Performances

Since Google Play Services is a background app, then it should come as no surprise to anyone that the “goodies” that the new update contains are also background changes. This means that even though Android fans might not see the changes made by the new update, they will certainly feel them in their smartphone’s performances.

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