How To Disable Ad Blocker In Google Chrome

ad blocker in Google Chrome
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On February 15, 2018, a new ad blocker in Google Chrome was added, which blocks some ads out-of-the-box whether regardless of existing, separate ad blockers you’ve installed. The implication of this move by Google means it will decide the ads that get blocked or not in your Chrome browser.

Intrusive or annoying ads will not stand a chance with Chrome as the built-in ad blocker takes it place and gets rid of them, while allowing ads from sites that adhere to specific guidelines.

If you don’t prefer that Chrome controls the ads you get to see, or you want to disable ad blocker in Chrome, its pretty easy. You can do this by allowing all ads, or by whitelisting particular sites if you find Chrome’s ad blocker being a problem.

However, ad blocking is only available for Chrome 64 version or higher, so if you don’t have the feature, you can update the browser to the latest version.

Disable ad blocker in Google Chrome

We’ll look at the two steps you can take to disable ad blocker in Chrome: allowing ads on specific sites, or whitelisting specific sites. To do this:

  • Open Chrome and go to Settings menu
  • Click the three vertical dots at the top right side
  • Now select Settings
  • In the Settings menu, scroll down and find Advanced, and click on it to expand
  • Scroll down again and find Privacy and Security section
  • Go to and click Content Settings option
  • You’ll see several options under Content Settings, but locate Ads and click on it. by default, Ads is toggled to on, but it may look like its off. Toggle it to Allow ads instead of turning it off.

To allow ads on specific sites, instead of all sites, you can take the steps below:

  • Go to the site you want all ads to appear on
  • Click the area to the left of the URL (it may show ‘secure’ or ‘I’ bubble)
  • Click Site Settings in the new dropdown menu
  • Locate Ads
  • Choose Allow from the menu

Once you follow all the steps here, all the ads will be allowed on specific sites, though intrusive type of ads will still be blocked on other sites.

Were you able to disable ad blocker in Google Chrome using any of these steps? Let us know your experience by leaving a comment in the section below.

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