Tesla INC Open to Supply Batteries to Rivals !!!

This Tuesday, Tesla INC. CEO Elon Musk gave away a piece of great news. Now, they are ready to licensing software and also, may supply powertrain and batteries to their rivals. Earlier, Tesla did supply batteries to BMW and Toyota Motors under some partnership deals, And Tesla is very leading with a cutting edge in battery manufacturing as compared to these legacy automakers.

In one of the tweets, Elon says that they are not in the market to crush competitors. They just want to accelerate the use of sustainable energy. At present, Tesla Inc. works in collab with Panasonic Corp. for a joint battery venture. It also sources batteries from China,s contemporary Amperex Technology and South Korea’s LG Chem.

And now, they are planning to move to expand their battery facility at Fremont plant. We must acknowledge that batteries are the most basic and essential requirement of Electric vehicles. There may be a potential threat to incoming batteries supply, thus, endangering the startup itself. And if successful, EV shall depend on the whole market on Tesla.

In one of his recent conferences, Elon said that what limits the Tesla is the battery cell production, that too in an affordable price. But once it is overcome, they shall help EVs grow. They shall work closely with Panasonic, CATL, and LG Chem. They are also using their patents to hope the speedy developments of EVS in the Automotive industry.

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