Renault Nissan Alliance Woes Compounds During Coronavirus Pandemic !!!

This time, when the French part goes into results for Renault Nissan alliances, they are going to reveal the bitter truth of the weakness, that already was there, and got worse in the pandemic situation. Indeed, the pandemic exposes their worst sides here. Many companies are hit in the epidemic, but what is crucial here is, that it hit an alliance that exists long after a messy ouster.

And now, it seems right for what PSA Group boss Carlos foresee as a Darwinian period for the Nissan And Mitsubishi partnership. Now, they are facing a very vulnerable pact. This may be as well a sand dead end to the alliance. The COVID pandemic and many other industries headwinds are going to blow the agile and frugal counterparts, some even which are not.

Talking of the results, Renault is expecting a net loss to the firm for this year from Nissan’s part. They are hit by the lowest sales at this part of the year, drowning then into huge losses. The part we shall be looking for is whether they can repair their leaky boat and sail out of the pandemic storm. And Renault is nothing to worry except losses, as they exist with cooperation till a long time. There is a lot of job loss and firings, and ranges cut short I guess this time now.

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