Minecraft To Implement Nvidia Real-Time Ray Tracing Technology For Lifelike Graphics

Microsoft has announced that it will now use chip manufacturer Nvidia Corporation’s real-time ray tracing technology to offer Minecraft players more a lifelike graphics experience. The tech giant will get a significant and massive revamp with the help of this particular technology.

Both Microsoft and Nvidia Corporation have announced the industry trade show which took place in Germany on Monday. Real-time ray tracing, or the capacity for the chip to imitate how light beams will spring around in a visual scene, helps video games and other types of computer graphics to take after shadows and reflections in the real world more closely.

Nvidia’s profits jumped as much as six percent after the joint announcement. Last week, the company had posted quarterly results before the Wall Street targets and announced that the new top-of-the-line graphics chips had boosted its profitability for video game players.

Minecraft To Implement Nvidia Real-Time Ray Tracing Technology For Lifelike Graphics

Nvidia Chief Executive Officer Jen-Hsun Huang said on an after-earnings call that he believes the corporation has put all the fragments together to bring ray tracing into the future of video games. The number of blockbuster games that have started to implement RTX into their gameplay is skyrocketing, Huang added.

Other renown titles that would feature the same incredible graphics technology are Activision Blizzard’s ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Ubisoft Toronto’s ‘Watch Dogs: Legion,’ and Tencent Next Studios’ ‘Synced: Off Planet,’ Nvidia statement mentioned on Monday.

Minecraft is a construction game in which players have to build almost anything they can think of, block by block. The action takes place in a digital, a world similar to the Lego world. Minecraft has been incredibly popular ever since it was first released, back in 2011 by developer Mojang, which was purchased by Microsoft in 2014. Microsoft has announced in May, this year, that 176 million versions of the title have been purchased since its release.

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