Best Destiny 2, Death Stranding, And More Arrive At Gamescom 2019

Another edition of the acclaimed event arrived, and we finally have more details of our beloved games. More about improvements, new features and more we are going to discuss up next, as they appear at Gamescom 2019 about Destiny 2, Death Stranding, and more awaited games!

The new edition of Gamescom 2019 brings us many surprises and sneak peaks with its latest video games trailers released. This week we get the opportunity to find out more information about our beloved games from Germany.

Many details about the Cyberpunk 2077 available for Google Stadia have been already discussed. Also, the PUBG is obtaining an extra cross-play option for consoles. The Nintendo Switch succeeded to create quite a buzz, too.

Gamescom 2019 – Destiny 2, Death Stranding, And Other Games

Let’s take a look at the best games that were presented during the event:

  • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep: the Gamescom trailer offers us some cool insights, with October 1st as release date and a free to play option included;
  • Death Stranding: the trailer shows some awkward and very realistic characters, meaning we have new people to meet in the new series;
  • Ori and Blind Forest: coming now as a perfection option for Nintendo’s tablets, too! Very defined and precise hand-drawn graphics made quite the impression;
  • Gears 5: it comes with new more realistic characters and a very expected ‘horde’ mode;
  • Hotline Miami Collection: the hottest game out there will be soon available on the Switch versions, as well;
  • NFS Heat: the most burned-out series comes with a handy feature to customize your car directly from a phone app;
  • Cyberpunk 2017: the game will offer better motorcycle experiences;
  • NBA 2K20: a career mode was proudly introduced;
  • Blair Witch: when horror is the only thing you will get! The game will be launched very soon, on August 30th;
  • The Witcher 3: the boss of all the games out there! It will be available on Switch, and it will be released on October 15th;
  • Little Nightmares II: another horror game that will give you the chills. This one will be available a little bit later, next year and we can enjoy it on Xbox One, PC, Switch and PS4;
  • Kerbal Space Program 2: space adventures will be ready for you next year, available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Gamescom 2019 is a promising event, and Destiny 2, Death Stranding, and other before-mentioned games are some of the most-expected titles, at the moment.

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