Apple TV+ To Launch In November With A $9.99 Monthly Subscription Plan

Good news Apple fans, something big is coming for you and all of us. Since the first announcement five months ago, Apple’s plan to launch a streaming service can become a reality. The new Apple TV+ will launch in November, and it will have a monthly subscription for only $9.99.

And this is not all, because we have some reports that are saying that at the beginning a free trial will exist. That means everybody could try it for free and see what all is about on the online streaming service from Apple.

From what we know so far, Apple is going to offer 14 show (unknown by now) on the first day on launching. After that, more will come to see. The shows are original from Apple, and we can be sure about that because of the report published by the Financial Times. From the report, we find out that Apple has spent more than $6 billion for the production of original shows. How about that?

Apple TV+ To Launch In November With A $9.99 Monthly Subscription Plan

If you are curious about the shows, we can give you an example of a production called “The Morning Show” starting Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carrell, and Reese Witherspoon.

However, if we compare the price for a subscription, Apple is going a little higher. For example, we can take Amazon Prime Video that is offering a subscription for $8.99 per month, or Netflix that comes with $9 per month. At the same time, Disney’s channel is offering services for $6.99 per month, or you can pay $13 and have ESPN and Hulu subscription.

Finally, if Apple is throwing itself in the streaming market, it better play excellent and original. Viewers must be lure from the competition with severe and unique content. Also, Apple could opt for offering bundles for all its services or some packs that could include Apple Music with iCloud, or Apple Music with Apple TV+, or who knows? We will wait and see.

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