Latest Windows 10 Update Is Riddled With Bugs, Causing Random Reboots

A large number of users have reported issues after the Windows 10 August 2019 cumulative update was released. In some cases, the Windows 10 update couldn’t be installed correctly while in others it prompted the system to reboot randomly.

Several posts have surfaced across popular tech platforms and forums, mentioning the issues. Affected PCs can flash a selection of error messages. Some voices claim that the reboot bug has been present since version 1903 was released while others blame the cumulative update for the problems and argue that they didn’t face any issues before the update was released.

The faulty update is known as KB4512508 and contains several security updates for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, the wireless networking functionality and several input peripherals, among which we can count mice, keyboards and controllers. The failure to install is accompanied by error codes which don’t seem to make any sense, as they manage to puzzle users without offering any useful information, and nobody seems to know why they appear in the first place.

Random Reboots Caused By The Latest Windows 10 Update

Some users mentioned that they encountered similar problems when the Windows 10 July 2019 cumulative update was released last month. Microsoft hadn’t released any official statement by the time when this article was written, but the company is likely hard at work on tracking down the cause of the problems.

According to a popular tech platform, users can attempt to solve the issues by downloading and installing a standalone version of the update instead of relying on the one offered via the Windows Update feature. The solution sees to work in the case of Surface Pro devices, but there is little information about other systems.

It is also suggested to attempt a repair install, but many users have decided to pause Windows 10 updates for a while and wait until a patch or a stable version of this Windows 10 update will be offered in the future. The number of affected users is low at this point, but it may grow in the following days.

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