iOS 13 Beta 7 Comes With Icon Tweaks, 3D Touch, and More Novelties

The iOS Beta 7 kicks off with some reverted changes that were made in the previous beta test regarding the overly saturated background of the folders, and now they seem to look natural once again. The Home app is also getting the three gradient wallpapers back in this beta test, plus the new ones that were added in the 6th iOS Beta.

Changes and Tweaks in iOS 13 Beta 7

The Messages app has also been tweaked a little, now the name and photo sharing options are working well, and what these two do is that it allows you to share your preferred name and image with the users that add your number on their device.

The keyboard has been changed a bit too, but nothing major, the only difference being in the microphone icon that is slightly modified. The 6th Beta Test changes brought an option to access a shortcut menu while tapping on the screen with three fingers, and in iOS Beta 7 will only appear if you are actively typing.

This option makes copying, cutting, and pasting links or documents much more comfortable while you text, and rest assured that the menu won’t appear in any different case scenario. If you are a Beta Tester yourself, you might have noticed the addition of a new screen app called “TestFlight” that will show while launching other apps and will explain to you how you can take screenshots.

iOS 13 Beta 7 – 3D Touch

If you are using an iPhone XS Max and you are testing the new iOS 13 Beta 7, then you might have noticed that when you use 3D Touch on the icons from the Home Screen, the pop-up menus are smaller than they used to be.

The Dynamic Wallpapers that presented bugs have been fixed and “All Photos” and “Recent” menus from Gallery have returned to the wallpaper menu. A new tweak is now present in “Control Center,” instead of light and dark appearance, currently showing “Dark Mode,” and you can switch it on or off in iOS 13 Beta 7 release.

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