iPhone 11 Series Would Launch On September 10th, As Suggested by iOS 13 Beta 7 Release

It has been revealed that the exact release date for the iPhone 11 has been leaked. The leak originated within the company itself, but it did not come from a person. Instead, the release of iOS 13 Beta 7 game some users the opportunity to dig through the code to uncover a particular file suggesting that iPhone 11 models would come out on September 10th.

iPhone 11 series would come out on September 10th, iOS 13 Beta 7 data mining revealed

An image that was named HoldForRelease showed a calendar with a date circled on it. This date is September 10th, 2019. The keen users believe this will be the date for the Apple annual conference where products are showcased and released on the very same day. To confirm the release date, users went back to the previous year where iOS 12 house the same file.

The image in iOS 12 had the same name and also had a calendar with a date circled on it. The date was the 12th of September, an exact match with the Apple presentation.

Apple tends to be repetitive in almost everything they do. The date of their showcase conference is no exception as they hold it the same time frame each year. It is always in the first part of September, during the first couple of days after Labor Day, on a weekday.

What Apple plans for its September presentation

This year’s event is expected to unveil the iPhone 11 that will have a steep road ahead of it. If predictions concerning the iPhone 12 are true, then this device will have 5G internet connectivity as well as a variety of other upgrades. This year’s models will only be a soft upgrade for the iPhone. Users may want to skip the iPhone 11 series because of this revelation.

But other Apple tech is expected at the conference, besides iPhone 11 models, including a new Apple Watch. The MacBook Pro has hit the news lately with rumors of a 16-inch redesign for the laptop to launch along with the iPhone 11.

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