iPhone Personal Hotspot Missing – Get The Fixes Here

iPhone Personal Hotspot Missing

When you want to connect to the internet and find your iPhone personal hotspot missing, or it isn’t working, it can be frustrating. The feature converts your phone into a WiFi hotspot so you can share your connection with nearby devices.

Normally, it’s a simple process as going to your Settings app and enabling the feature, but some users have found that after upgrading ios or unlocking and/or jailbreaking their iPhone, the personal hotspot is missing.

Here are some fixes to help you get it back.

Fix iPhone personal hotspot missing

Turn cellular data on/off

To do this, tap Settings>Cellular and slide the cellular data slider to white or off. Move it back to green or on and tap Settings to see if the personal hotspot is back.

Restart your iPhone

Restarts usually solve simple problems like software glitches, though it may not work for most people whose iPhone personal hotspot is missing.

Check cellular settings

To do this, tap Settings>Cellular>Personal Hotspot and move the Personal hotspot slider to on or green. Go to the Settings screen and see if the Personal Hotspot is listed under Cellular.

Remove APN Certificates

This affects a few users, but it could be the cause if you find your iPhone personal hotspot missing. To delete it, go to Settings>General>Profiles and tap the profile you want to delete and tap Delete Profile and confirm the action.

Reset Network settings

To do this, tap Settings>General>Reset and tap Reset Network Settings. Enter your passcode and tap Reset Network Settings. It doesn’t cause data loss but it’ll only reset settings.

Check your Phone’s Name

To do this, tap Settings>General>About and look at the Name menu. If it’s different from what you wanted, tap Name and tap X on the Name screen to remove the current name and type the old one.

Update Carrier Settings

To do this, tap Settings>General and tap About. If updated settings are available, you’ll get a prompt on the screen. Follow the instructions to complete the setup.

Update ios

When you find your iPhone personal hotspot missing, there could be a bug in the ios. In this case, update the ios that can come with the critical bug fixes and patches you need.

Restore from backup

If nothing works, restore your iPhone from backup. This will erase data and settings on the iPhone and replace with an older version. If nothing was backed up, you could lose it all during this process so make a backup before you restore it.

As a last resort, contact Apple support for further guidance and assistance.

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