Windows 10 August Patch Tuesday Updates Bring Improvements And Bug Fixes

With the latest encountered issues, Windows 10 will get some serious updates this August. Microsoft announced the launch of a Windows 10 August Patch Tuesday Updates, one that will surely get users out of the dark.

Microsoft has launched August Patch Tuesday Updates for Windows 10 devices and it is what users need right the most, a solution to their startup issue. Even if this launch doesn’t come with many options or features, it still assures users that they will get important changes put into the right order. What do we expect though, for Microsoft to bring this time? Here it is a list of all contents you should take into consideration.

Windows 10 August Patch Tuesday Updates

  • Updates regarding the general security: the updated were of course launched for many other components of Windows, like Storage and Filesystems, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Wireless Networking, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Linux, Internet Explorer, Windows Cryptography and Serve, Microsoft Edge and much more.
  • Updates for the time zone details: the Brazilian and Moroccan time zone now it will get the newest updates.

Windows 10 August Patch Tuesday Updates Bug Fixes

  • Device startup problems: the August Patch Tuesday updates succeeded to reach and resolve one major problem for Windows 10, the startup. From now on, the devices connected to a site that is made to function with the MIT Kerberos area should never get an error or experience any kind of problem.
  • WSUS Console UI: the fact that Windows 10 users couldn’t expand the Computers location, made Microsoft developers take the decision in creating a Windows Server Update Services console UI. With this launch, they succeeded to resolve the issue 100 %.
  • An app for Windows-Eyes display reader: an issue that caused so many problems, now it is simply functioning at its best parameters.
  • IME (Input Method Editor): the problem resolved by this one was very important because there were so devices that got to start using a ‘run as’ command.
  • IE 11 JS rending: the issue for JavaScript regarding Internet Explorer 11 will no longer bother the users.

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