Apple Watch Won’t Pair – 6 Ways To Fix It

In order to communicate with your Apple Watch, your iPhone uses WiFi and a Bluetooth connection. If your Apple Watch won’t pair with the iPhone, it may cause a disconnection. Usually, the device requires at least iPhone 6 or 6 Plus or newer models to function, and doesn’t work with Android-based devices or iPad.

Here are a few simple troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the pairing issue with your Apple Watch.

What to do when Apple Watch Won’t Pair

Check your Apple Watch connection

Check if the Watch is disconnected from your iPhone as this could cause issues, especially if it mimics not being paired with the phone. You can check the status of the watch’s connection by swiping up on your Watch display while it’s on the screen with the clock face. This will serve up the control center, which has several shortcuts that’ll show the connection status of the watch.

If the icon is green, it means the two are connected. If it’s blue or red, it means the Watch is connected to WiFi or disconnected from the iPhone respectively. Make sure the devices are close to each other in order to connect better.

Check iPhone or Watch settings

It isn’t always a hardware failure or software issue that can cause your Watch to unpair from the phone. Sometimes simple settings on either device can cause the problem. Check if the Airplane mode on your iPhone or Watch is on, and disable it. Also check that Bluetooth is on, because this is essential for pairing your Watch and iPhone.

Reboot the iPhone or Watch

If your Apple Watch won’t pair with your iPhone, you can restart the phone and see if it helps. Once it powers back on, check the Apple Watch connection. You can restart the Apple Watch too and see if it reconnects with the phone.

Update your iPhone’s operating system

Check if you have the latest iPhone operating system by launching Settings>General and tap Software Update. If one is available, download and install it. You can’t check the Watch’s OS version if it isn’t paired with the iPhone.

Clear iPhone network settings

To do this, open Settings>General>Reset and tap Reset network settings. Type your passcode to verify your request and try pairing the phone and Watch again.

Reset Apple Watch

If the Watch still won’t pair with the phone, reset the Watch. This will cause data loss on the Watch, so back it up before resetting. To reset the Watch, open Settings>General>Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings.

On your iPhone, open Apple Watch app, and select My Watch tab, and then select your watch at the top. Tap the Information button close to the Watch (a small ‘i’), and select Unpair Apple Watch and tap to confirm.

If you still find that your Apple Watch won’t pair with the iPhone, contact Apple for more support and guidance.

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