iPhone Is Disabled Connect To iTunes [SOLVED]

iPhone Is Disabled Connect To iTunes

If you’re seeing the iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes error on your phone, or a similar message that says ‘iPhone is disabled. Try again in 1 minute’, don’t worry. There’s a fix.

The error usually shows up when you enter the wrong passcode several times and your iPhone gets locked, but it shouldn’t be a dead end for you. The error messages you may get range from inconvenient to incapacitating, but you shouldn’t ignore any of them.

If you get the Connect to iTunes message, the problem is bad as you can’t unlock your phone by connecting to iTunes. Data will also be wiped as part or recovery on the phone, so if you had backed it up, you’re safe.

The iPhone has powerful built-in security designed to prevent brute password entry attempts, like from phone thieves or other attacks so it makes it hard for someone to key in many incorrect passcodes. After 10 incorrect attempts, the phone locks and you get the error.

There are several fixes you can try to fix the disabled iPhone with iTunes or iCloud as described below.

Fix iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes

Wait it out

If you’ve tried less than 10 passcodes, you can wait it out and see if you remember. However, after the tenth try, the phone will lock and you’ll be asked to connect to iTunes. You can still make emergency calls, but nothing beyond that.

Restore the iPhone through iTunes

You can restore the data from your last backup to restore your iPhone by using iTunes or iCloud. To use iTunes, connect to a computer and iTunes will start up automatically. Wait for iTunes to sync your device and click Restore iPhone and then follow the onscreen prompts.

Once iTunes erases the phone’s data, the set up screen will open as if you’re setting up a new iPhone. At this point, click Restore from iTunes backup and pick the right backup.

Recovery mode

This method is more drastic for wiping the device. If the restore didn’t work, put your phone in recovery mode using these steps:

·         Connect your iPhone to your computer

·         Open iTunes

·         Power off the iPhone and hold the Home button down

·         With the iPhone connected to your computer, iTunes will show a message saying “An iPhone has been detected in Recovery mode”

Restore with iCloud

You can wipe the disabled iPhone using iCloud, but only if you set up Find My iPhone and if there’s a data connection.

·         On your computer, go to icloud.com and click on Find iPhone.

·         Enter the password for your Apple account and a map will display showing the device location.

·         Click All Devices and pick the iPhone you want to erase, and click Erase iPhone

In order to avoid seeing the iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes error on your phone again, you can be more careful to use Touch ID or Face ID instead of a passcode.

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