Google Assistant Won’t Send Text Messages [Full Fix]

Google Assistant Won’t Send Text Messages

Google Assistant can do a lot more than just search the web or set calendar appointments. It can send texts too. If your Google Assistant won’t send text messages, there could be a problem with the Google App or contacts, and we’re going to show you how to fix it.

If any other Google Assistant Voice commands are working, the problem with sending text messages may be due to errors in the contact numbers or you may not have correct permissions for Google app.

You can run a web search to try and see if Google Assistant is working, and if it isn’t, the problem could be bigger than it seems. In this case, turn on Google Assistant voice commands and try to retrain the voice model so it can understand you. You can also reset Google app to its original state.

If it just can’t send text messages and it can do other tasks well, try the fixes below.

How to fix Google Assistant won’t send text messages

Check contacts for errors

This is the first step before anything else. Open Contacts and check contact numbers for any periods, commas, spaces or parentheses. If there are such characters that can prevent Google Assistant from sending texts, remove them.

Give the required permissions

Google Assistant needs some permissions for it to work, as it relies on Google app to work. If you want it to send texts, allow it in permissions to control the aspects you want it to do by using these steps:

·         Open Settings and tap Apps & Notifications

·         Tap Google>Permissions

·         Slide the SMS slider to the right. If it’s on the left or grayed out, then Google Assistant won’t send text messages

Reset Google app to default

To do this:

·         Open Settings>Apps & Notifications

·         Tap Google

·         Tap Storage>Clear Cache and tap clear storage

·         Tap Clear all data and then tap OK

·         Now tap the back button to go back to the main info screen for Google app

·         Tap the three vertical dots menu and tap Uninstall updates

·         Once the updates are uninstalled, tap Disable>Disable app but temporarily disable Google app

·         Tap Enable to activate it because if disabled permanently, it’ll disrupt the phone’s functionality

·         Check if you can send text messages via Google Assistant

If nothing works, go to Google Play Store and install the latest Google app version. Check if it can send text messages after the latest version is installed. If not, wait for a fix from Google or use the support forum to report your issue and check for more information.

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