Microsoft Files Patent For Portable Xbox Gaming System

In July, Microsoft filed a patent that revealed the company is working on new controllers meant to transform smartphones into mini Xbox consoles. This product will mark Microsoft’s first portable gaming system.

The patent was filed on July 9, and it depicts a charging device for removable input modules. The document does not in any way mention Xbox, but the drawings include familiar features, especially in the buttons and symbols department. Even more, according to the filing, the controllers will attach to your smartphone to give access to input controls.

We don’t know much about the revolutionary controllers yet, but speculations did not fail to make their appearance. Some say Microsoft’s brand-new device will include built-in speakers, a headphone jack, and wireless headphones support. Sarang Sheth, a designer at Yanko Design, took a look at sketches of the controller mentioned in the recently-filed patent and decided to give us the first look at the device.

Microsoft Files Patent For Portable Xbox Gaming System

As you can see in the image included above, Microsoft’s detachable controllers look strikingly similar to Nintendo Switch. However, Microsoft wants to differentiate their device from other similar products out there, planning to launch the Project xCloud video game streaming service on mobile phones.

Project xCloud is similar to Google Stadia, and it will give players the chance to stream games to their devices, with no need for an internet connection. The games will also not occupy internal storage of the phone, but it will be streamed directly from Microsoft’s servers.

This is everything we know about Microsoft’s plans for a handheld Xbox system. Since the product is still in the patent stage and the company did not make any official announcement on the matter, we can’t estimate when we will be able to get our hands on the device. We will have to wait for Microsoft to divulge some more details.

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