Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Models Have No Bixby Button

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has chosen not to utilize the button for Bixby anymore. Replicating Apple’s Siri has not worked out that well for Samsung, and Bixby has suffered a slight loss. The assistant from Samsung saw his debut in 2017 with the launch of the S8.

Bixby is present on any Android device, as well as Amazon Alexa for some reason. Placing a dedicated button for the assistant turned out to be a bad idea. Users complained about accidentally triggering the assistant.

No room for Bixby button

With today’s trend of smartphones getting sleeker, an extra button that has no major purpose does not make sense. Manufacturers are competing somewhat on who gets closer to the magic 100 percent screen to body ratio.

Meaning that the actual display is the only thing you can see, no edges no camera. With the closest score probably coming in at 93 percent at this moment in time.

No more headphone jack on Samsung Galaxy Note 10

As Samsung designers were scrapping the Bixby dedicated button, they decided to throw out the headphone jack on the new Note phone. Most people have gotten over the grand scandal that is the removal of the headphone jack. But there should be some leftover that is annoyed about the loss. Imagine if you bought some high-quality Bose headphones with a jack.

No one will miss the Bixby button

Samsung users will not, however, be disappointed with the loss of the Bixby dedicated button. Many were quite pleased when Samsung released an update to repurpose the button to perform a different task. Anything the user saw fit to do.

Will the power button be an issue?

The Bixby button actually gave way to the power button to be moved in its place, on the right side of the device. The issue with the side placement of any sort of important button is that it will be accidentally pressed sooner or later. As most users grip a phone from the sides with one hand.

The top of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone seemed to be the best place for the power button but that has long since been scrapped. We are excited about the phone’s review and user feedback to see how these changes affect the user experience.

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