iPad Pro 2019 Might Launch With The New Three-Camera Setup Of iPhone 11

It’s not a surprise for rumors to appear before a tech company announces the release of a new device. Talking about iPad Pro 2019 rumors have it, according to a new report, that the new device will come with the latest three camera-setup from the iPhone 11.

A supplier from China stated, according to Macotakara, that there is a real possibility for the 2019 iPad Pro to release with a triple-lens camera. We are questioning this rumor, but don’t exclude it either.

The iPad Pro has a single 12MP camera, so it will be a sweet surprise for Apple to make such a huge step. We can only assume, if the rumors are real, that 2019 iPad Pro will have a lot of new features, non-existing on the iPad Pro, such as the Portrait mode of the rear camera. Also, some performances like the augmented reality worth improving for the upcoming iPad.

iPad Pro 2019 Might Launch With The New Three-Camera Setup Of iPhone 11

Another rumor released by Macotakara suggests the 10.2-inch iPad could come with a dual-camera setup. This iPad will be a replacement for the 2018 9.7-inch iPad. With the already released 10.5-inch iPad Air, it seems that this 10.2-inch model is a working progress.

For now, Apple keeps a secret for what it has to offer in 2019 regarding the iPad Pro. The word is out that for this year, the developers will focus only on the internal specifications, as they already made significant changes for the design of the iPad in 2018.

If there will be an upgrade to a three-camera setup on the iPhone 11, it will be the significant change made by the company in 2019. Additionally, we expect the iPhone 11R to upgrade from a single camera to a dual-camera feature. Nevertheless, we will hear more rumors until Apple will make some official statements about the iPad Pro 2019, and we’ll be here to present them to you.

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