Dragon Quest Builders 2: Quick Review and a Fresh Start

Some inconveniences about Dragon Quest Builders 2 might make some players lose their enthusiasm too early, but a bit of perseveration and trust will surely change anybody’s perception about the game.

Fresh start

Being the next installment after the previous 2016 game, Dragon Quest Builders 2 allows players to return to a block – built world inspired by games such as Minecraft.

The new game focuses more on the story, encouraging players to take up the role of a builder who is able to craft things using a trustworthy workbench and a handy blueprint book.

Players will experience a strange tale by traveling across the world to various locations, helping denizens of the realm by building them houses, taking care of their farms and defending the antagonists – mainly the Children of Hargon.


The first island players can explore – Furrowfield is inhabited by various villagers who are simple unlucky – their crops do not grow, and they get regular attacks from monsters. Thankfully, the player can save the situation by steadily rebuilding the village to its former glory.

It’s all up to you

One of the most unique aspects of the game is customization, as players can freely build village houses and farms to their liking.

The game also features lots of personal decisions and creative customization options, making the game an extremely fun experience overall, regardless of some minor hiccups in the game’s mechanics than players can learn to tolerate (or even take advantage of).


The player’s hot bar allows for fast and convenient access to more than ten items at once, while the rest of the items are stored in a bag hidden behind a menu. Sometimes accessing the menu and finding the right item becomes a time-consuming process.

Dragon Quest 2 is a beautiful game, a true gem of its class, featuring the classic Dragon Quest aesthetics, which are more charming than ever.

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