League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics Update: Patch 9.15B and 9.16 Changes Announced By Riot

Right now, Patch 9.15 in League of Legends has delivered a bunch of buffs, but 9.16 is looking a bit grim for Riven, Tahm Kench, and others. However, Jax, Kassadin, and others are getting buffed! Let’s check out the list provided by Riot Scruffy (Mark Yetter), the Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends.

The second part of the article will focus on TFT updates.

League of Legends Patch 9.16

According to Riot Scruffy, we should see the following buffs and nerfs to these champions – he also added Sylas jungle nerf to the list ->

Previously, Riot Meddler added in his Gameplay Thoughts from August 2, mentioning more details about Sylas and the other champions that will be nerfed:

“For 9.16 we’ll be keeping an eye on Yuumi, Irelia, Karma and Ezreal as all potentially too dominant, especially in a pro play context. Only specific change we’re testing for 9.16 so far though is a nerf to jungle Sylas where his Q2 damage will also be reduced against monsters, not just minions. That’s aimed at reducing the extra value he gets from being a strong flex pick, hope being that trimming that down will let us leave more power in him in other ways.”

Remember that now there are other tests in 9.16 PBE – the ones focusing on Aurelion Sol, the Kayle experiment, and the reworked Pantheon. The PBE should be updated later today, so check our PBE page for 9.16.

Teamfight Tactics 9.15B and 9.16

Riot Meddler added a few thoughts about TFT and patch 9.15 B, explaining that it will be “pretty small,” adding that 9.16 “will introduce new content with the Hextech Champs,” so it won’t be filled with too much “raw balance as 9.15.” Nonetheless, all bugs and things that get out of control will be fixed, he concluded.

Here’s what we should see in Patch 9.15B:

More about Hextech can be seen here, with the following changes to the Origin bonus were spotted in 9.16 PBE:

Hextech trait will not have this bonus anymore:

  • 2: Disables items for 5 seconds in a 1 radius / 4: disables items for 15 seconds in a 2 radius

It will be replaced with:

  • When combat begins, the ally team launches and detonates a pulse bomb, temporarily disabling nearby enemy items for 8 seconds (2: within 1 hexes / 4: within 2 hexes)

Here’s some great news from Geoff Marsi, the Technical game designer on League of Legends:

“We’re rolling out a new #TFT in-game matchmaking system with 9.16! With the new system, it’ll be extremely unlikely to be matched against the same player (or the ghost army) multiple times in a row!”

Another noteworthy comment from Riot Mort is that “There are people working on Spectator as we speak…”

Check out our League of Legends or Teamfight Tactics pages for more news, updates, guides, and the state of the current changes in PBE can be seen here.

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