Red Dead Redemption 2 Update – Good Times Ahead

Rockstar gambled away when they released the first Red Dead Redemption game. The devs have won pretty big as the series has become popular, both in single-player and online multiplayer versions.

Red Dead holding strong

Red Dead Redemption 2 is doing quite well but it will not have much of a chance to catch up to GTA 5 sales any time soon. Publisher Take Two Interactive has released the sales figures for the game and they stand at a respectable 25 million units.

Despite this, the Online version of the game will be getting a summer update to optimize the game and bolster the content. The publishers have made the following statement regarding the intentions of Rockstar games for the near future:

“Both engagement and recurrent consumer spending on the game continue to gain momentum, and Rockstar plans to continue to enhance and evolve the world of Red Dead Online with ongoing updates to drive growth over time.”

Good times for Rockstar and Red Dead

It is being said that Rockstar is enjoying a good fiscal year and could launch the update to the Red Dead game by the end of August. The company is currently enjoying massive success with the launch of its GTA Online expansion called Diamon Casino and Resort.

The update is reported to have attracted more users to the game since the beginning of GTA Online. Making it almost 100 percent sure that the devs will focus much of their attention to the online multiplayer side of their games. Perhaps a Red Dead Online could see a substantial increase in traffic by use of the same tactics as GTA.

Rockstar Games have promised fans a series of cosmetic and practical changes to Red Dead Online and it looks like they are delivering. A similar promise has been made regarding new content and severely personalizing each player’s story ark, based on the choices that have been made in the game.

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