Samsung Galaxy S11 Codenamed “Picasso” Would Come With Significant Improvements

With quick steps, Samsung is approaching its Galaxy Note 10 official release that is going to happen on August 7, yet some rumors have begun circulating that refer to the not-even-announced Samsung Galaxy S11.

The Galaxy Note 10 is just a few days away from its release, and it needs to deliver some serious features to the table. All the rumors, as of now are pointing out a good improvement over the Galaxy Note 9, and the customers might want to stick around and study its new enhancements.

We are rooting the Galaxy Note 10 will be a defining upgrade over the Note 9, that seemed to be just a tad bit changed and rehashed, compared to the old Note 8. The new Note 10 will have an expensive price tag, and we hope that it will be justified with the features it will bring to the smartphone industry and to Samsung’s overall prowess.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Would Be The “Picasso” of Smartphones

A renowned smartphone leaker called IceUniverse posted a tweet where he said a fan asked him about a potential new leak for the Galaxy S11. The tweet is as it follows – “Someone asked about the Galaxy S11, there are four things that can be confirmed:”
Codename “Picasso”

  • The camera has a substantial upgrade
  • Based on Android Q One UI 2.x
  •  Hole in the display is smaller than Note10
  • Other than that, it is unknown.

The future Samsung Galaxy S11 seems to be called “Picasso,” taking its name from the famed Spanish sculptor and painter born in the 1800s. The curious thing is that the Galaxy Note 10 has been reportedly named “Da Vinci.”

Supposedly, the Galaxy S11 will sport an in-display hole punch, but smaller in size and the device seems to be running on the “One UI 2.xx” that is rooting from the forthcoming Android Q. The device will probably run on the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor which at the moment is the 855 Plus that has only been featured on the Asus ROG 2 for now. Who knows what Qualcomm might release in the future?

Samsung Galaxy S11 Release Date

Taking Samsung’s release dates for the Galaxy S series, we can safely assume it will be officially released in February. Next year might be Samsung Galaxy S11’s year, but for now, we’ll only have to wait patiently for some more leaks or rumors and hope the S11 will paint the future of the smartphone industry.

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