Best Video Downloaders For Android

Content in video format is key for all sorts of entertainment and educational needs nowadays. With so many platforms available to watch videos on, it can be difficult to actually access them on your mobile Android device. Both Apple and Android come with very weak media players and file readers. Severely limiting the user with the stock apps. So, for pretty much everything you need to install a third-party app that does to a job well. Here are some of the best apps that can download videos on Android.

Best Video Downloaders For Android

Media Tap

This app is probably among the best platforms for downloading videos on Android. The name says it all really, you tap on a media file and you download it just like that. This works for videos but also does wonders for photos, documents, and mp3s.


The Android Video Downloader sounds like a stock app for your device. But it isn’t, it’s a third-party app. The coolest thing about AVD is its user-friendly interface. Download videos from a variety of platforms with AVD and watch flash videos as well. The app does not allow for Youtube downloads but it is free. So, you’ll get much use out of it.


Android users will have an easy time using Vidmate. The app allows for all sorts of video downloads from platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, and many more. Downloading these videos in the highest available quality with Vidmate. The app can download and play pretty much any video format as well.

Media Pro Clip

Perhaps the most professional downloader and media player, Media Clip Pro downloads videos and a whole lot of other documents. The app obviously has an offline mode where you can view your downloads later. The user interface is easy to do and makes for quick browsing. A good addition to your app collection.

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