iPhone Camera Won’t Focus – Here’s How To Fix It

iPhone Camera Won’t Focus

When you’re trying to capture the perfect photo moment and your iPhone camera won’t focus, it could be that the lens is blocked or there are software issues hindering it. This isn’t a cause for panic, because there are some basic explanations to it, like the obvious ones such as your phone case blocking the camera or a dirty lens, among others.

However, there are several tips you can try to get your iPhone taking clear photos again quickly.

What to do when iPhone camera won’t focus

Preliminary fixes

Remove iPhone case. As simple as it may sound, larger cases can block the camera lens or flash partially, and cause it not to focus. Some metallic attachments or cases can affect the optical stabilization of the phone, because some can be magnetic. Try and remove the case and take the photo again.

Clean the phone’s camera lens. This is another simple and quick solution to try. If the lens has dust or dirt, or fingerprint smudges, the iPhone camera won’t focus properly. Use a microfiber cloth and clean the lens to remove any imperfection sand take the photo again. If you see dirt in the lens, visit your nearest Apple Store or authorized outlet for assistance.

Tap the top of the phone severally with the palm of your hand or a few fingers. This isn’t a scientifically proven process, so use it with much caution. The theory behind it is that the lens can get stuck, so a gentle nudge can restore them to their position. Do this very carefully.

Check how you use your camera

When your iPhone camera won’t focus, it could be because of how you’re using it. You can do several things when using the app to reduce the chances of ending up with blurry or unfocused shots. These include setting the focus point of the shot by tapping on the object you want to photography, to let your iPhone know what you’re focusing on.

Use the AE/AF Lock

This ensures you get focused pictures as the iPhone camera keeps the target in focus. To get this feature, press and hold for a few seconds the part you want to focus on, and the object will be locked in focus regardless of what else comes into the shot afterwards.

Don’t take photos of subjects too close to the phone, and avoid changing distances, moving or shaking the iPhone. All these make it more difficult for the camera to focus properly. Check that your fingers aren’t getting in the way of the lens when you’re using the camera.

Software update

Software glitches can cause the iPhone camera not to focus properly. In this case, update to the latest available iOS version if one is available. Open Settings>General>Software Update and tap Download and Install>Install Now.

Restart and reset

If your iPhone camera still won’t focus, you can restart and reset your iPhone until it works. Otherwise, if you’ve tried all these and nothing works, replace or fix the camera at an Apple Store or authorized outlet.

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