iPhone Won’t Download Apps – Try These Fixes

iPhone Won’t Download Apps

When your iPhone won’t download apps, it can be very frustrating, even if you’re simply trying to update them. The good news is you can fix it in relatively easy ways.

There are many potential causes of the problem ranging from simple bugs to App Store rules and issues with your Apple ID, iPhone settings and a lot more. However, the most common reason is the lack of storage space on your iPhone.

Read on to find out the tips we have for solving this problem, but note that they apply to all iPhones with the recent iOS versions, but also to iPad and iPod touch models with the same iOS version.

How to fix iPhone wont’ download apps

Download over WiFi

Cellular connections may hit App Store limitations as Apple limits app download sizes to 150MB over mobile data. This helps user save on data in single downloads. If the app is bigger than that limit, connect to WiFi and also disable Airplane mode if it’s on.

Restart App Store

Bugs also cause iPhone not to download apps, and this could have a lot to do with the App Store app. If there’s an issue with it, you can’t install the app you want. Restart App Store to clear the bug and reopen the store to re-download the app. If need be, pause and restart app download if it’s been interfered with for any reason.

Restart your iPhone

This can solve software glitches the same way restarting App Store would, and it may help when your iPhone won’t download apps.

Check Apple ID payment

To download apps to your iPhone, you need a payment method in your Apple ID, even if it’s a free app. If you don’t have one method on file, or your card expired, you can’t download apps. You may also end up getting the Verification Required message.

Sign out and sign back into App Store

Your Apple ID could be having issues, especially if the connection made between your iPhone and App Store by your ID is disrupted. Try to sign out and then sign back in to resolve the problem.

Update your iOS

When Apple releases an iOS update, the new software fixes any bugs that could cause your iPhone not to download apps, among other issues.

Other solutions

  • Set correct date and time. Go to Settings>General>Date and Time and move the slider for Set Automatically to on or green
  • Reset iPhone device settings. This won’t erase data but can fix issues like bugs and other minor problems in low-level settings
  • Check your Apple ID

If nothing works, contact Apple support for further help on your specific issue.

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