Fix Verification Required for Apps Download on iPhone

Verification Required

Have you tried installing or updating apps from the ios App Store and when you continue and verify, it gives you the Verification Required pop up? As annoying as this can be, especially if the message keeps showing up on your iPhone, there’s a fix for it.

The full message reads as: Verification Required – Before you can make purchases, you must tap continue to verify your payment info. Alternatively, it may read as: Verification Required – Tap Continue and sign in to view billing information.

If this keeps popping up on your iPhone’s screen when you try downloading, installing, or updating apps, it is because of the payment method used on your device’s associated Apple ID.

The message is displayed if the payment method failed or it isn’t updated as required, the device has never bought or downloaded any app before, or there’s an unpaid balance on the account.

In order to fix Verification Required in iPhone, you’ll need to change payment method to a valid one or none at all, so that no payment details are associated with the App Store or Apple ID.

Before going on to the solutions, note that adding a valid credit card to the Apple ID makes the Verification Required message go away. Also, you can avoid installation and verification updates by disabling “Require Password” for downloads on your iPhone.

What causes Verification Required error in App Store?

To check what brings up the error, do this:

  • Open Settings in your iPhone
  • Go to iTunes & App Store and select Apple ID
  • Tap View Apple ID
  • In Account Settings page, go to Purchase History. Check for any pending balances and pay for it before changing your payment details
  • Update payment information so the error can disappear on your iPhone

If you have pending purchases, you can contact Apple for a refund if you’re not interested in completing the purchase. Otherwise, whether or not you clear the balance or have it canceled, the due balance has to be cleared on the Apple ID to fix the error.

Fix Verification Error for Apps Download on iPhone

  • Open Settings on iPhone
  • Select iTunes and App Store settings
  • Tap Apple ID: [email protected]
  • Now tap View Apple ID
  • Tap Payment Information
  • Under Payment method, select None (or update payment method)
  • Tap Done
  • Exit Settings and go back to App Store and try downloading apps or installing and updating them

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