Google Play Services 18.3.81 Beta Update Comes with New “Under the Hood” Software Changes

One of the things that everyone knows and loves about Google is the fact that the Android parent is constantly pushing out software updates to its most important apps and services. Google has made it clear over the course of time that the only thing it cares about is the premium user experience that its Android operating system offers and this is why no one should be surprised to find out that Google Play Services has just been updated.

Even though Google Play Services might not be as renowned as the Google Play Store, for example, Google Play Services is in fact the most important component of the Android operating system. The reason behind this is that Google Play Services takes care of high priority tasks that deal with user privacy and security.

Google Play Services 18.3.81 Beta Update

The first thing that we want to note about the new update that Google Play Services has just received is that it’s available only for Android smartphone users who are enrolled in the official Android Beta Program. On the bright side of things, Google is allowing everyone who uses an Android-powered device to join the beta program and the only thing that beta testers need to do in exchange for the privilege of accessing all of Google’s latest updates ahead of everyone else is to simply provide the developers with solid feedback.

What’s New?

Since Google Play Services is a background app, then it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that the new update comes with under the hood changes. What this means is that even though Android fans will not be able to see the changes that the new update makes to Google Play Services, Android fans will surely feel them because they are enhancing the overall performances of the service.

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