Microsoft Has Stopped Backing Up Data For Its Windows 10 Users

Windows 10 has many problems to deal with right now. And partners are not helping, either. A Windows 10 warning has happened, followed by failure, and apparently, it is all on Microsoft. Microsoft has issued a warning to all of its 800 million Windows 10 users. There is a bug, that’s actually not a bug. They presented it to be “by design.” It concerns for everyone.

Windows 10 Secretly Switched Off Registry Backups Eight Months Ago

The company confirmed that it quietly switched off Registry backups in Windows 10 about eight months ago. With all of that, they still left the impression that the system was working very well.

Registry backups show “The operation completed successfully” even if there is no backup file created.

Backing up is very important for defending files, and many businesses and users do it every day. If Windows System Restore point fails, this backup is all users have. Microsoft has now talked about the situation.

Microsoft Has Stopped Backing Up Data For Its Windows 10 Users

From Windows 10, version 1803, the program will no longer automatically backs up the system registry to the RegBack folder. If you get to the folder in Windows Explorer, you will still see the registry hive, but every each of it has 0kb in size.

Windows 10 1803 was released in October. The issue has been made known in its Feedback Hub, and yet, Microsoft is talking about the problem now. This comes two months after Microsoft promised its users to offer more control, quality, and transparency. That’s something that lowers the trust in the most popular OS for computers.

But the question is why Microsoft has done this? Apparently, to reduce the overall disk footprint size of Microsoft. Keep in mind that a registry is about 50-100MB. The decision, evidently, disappointed a lot of Windows 10 users who relied on backups.

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