iPhone Keeps Shutting Down – Best Fixes

iPhone keeps shutting down

We rely on our phones to work properly each time we need them for communication, entertainment or work. If your iPhone keeps shutting down, it can be frustrating but it’s good to be aware of some of the causes of the problem.

Among the main reasons the iPhone shuts down all the time include water damage, the battery or faulty apps. You can tell the battery by checking the built-in Battery Health feature if the phone goes off at 30 percent battery level. However, before we get into this fix, try each of the five troubleshooting steps below to fix your iPhone.

Fix iPhone keeps shutting down

Update iPhone OS

Sometimes the iPhone keeps shutting down randomly because of its operating system. if yours runs a version of ios earlier than 11.2, update to the latest version wirelessly or by updating iTunes. If these don’t help, try the following steps:

  • Tap Settings>Notifications and tap every app listed
  • Move each app’s Allow Notifications slider to white or OFF
  • Update the OS and repeat the above steps once the phone restarts
  • Turn back the notifications for each app to ON

Hard reset

If you still find the iPhone shutting off every time, restart the phone through a hard reset which will reset the OS and phone’s memory deeply, without data loss. If an app is causing the problem, a hard reset should clear the issue.

Check Battery Health

This is available on ios 11.3 and up, and is designed to help check battery problems on your iPhone. It offers the battery’s strength and how it affects performance, plus details on maximum charging capacity. To do this:

  • Open Settings>Battery>Battery Health
  • Under Maximum capacity, you’ll see how much charge your battery can hold. A low capacity is a warning sign. Peak Performance capability shows if your phone’s performance is decreasing due to battery issues. If it’s nothing other than Peak, the battery may be having problems

Restore iPhone from backup

Using a DFU restore (disk firmware update), you’ll create a fresh installation of the phone’s software, besides the OS, which is a comprehensive reset. To do this, you need iTunes on your computer so as to sync your iPhone and then do this:

  • Connect iPhone to computer with a USB cable
  • Make a backup of your iPhone by clicking Back Up Now in iTunes main window
  • Put the iPhone in DFU mode depending on your iPhone model
  • Restore it from the backup you made

Contact Apple

If all else fails, contact Apple for battery replacement as it could be defective or dead.

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