Opera Browser 53.0.2567.140905 Beta is Now Available with Various Bug Fixes

Some people think that the perfect way to start a new day by having a warm cup of coffee while others prefer to receive a new update for their favorite app. If you are one of the latter and you enjoy surfing the web on your smartphone with Opera Browser, then you should be pleased to find out that a brand-new update has just been released. This is a maintenance update that comes with lots of important software tweaks and today we are going to present everything there is to know about it.

Opera Browser 53.0.2567.140905 Beta

Right from the start, we want to advise all Opera Browser fans to consider giving the beta program a try. Even though there is a slim chance of encountering bugs or glitches, becoming a beta user for Opera Browser is more than worth it. The reason why we are saying this is because beta users are always the first ones ti access the latest updates and this is the case for the new 53.0.2567.140905 beta release.

What’s New?

As previously noted, the new update for Opera Browser which sports the 53.0.2567.140905 beta version number is a maintenance update. However, Opera Browser fans shouldn’t be fooled by this and think that the update is not an important release. Even though Opera Browser’s new update might not introduce any new features, it makes up for that by introducing a handful of bug fixes that take care of various issues.

The APK Option

Before we sign off, we also want to note that there is a way to download the new update for Opera Browser without enrolling the beta program. However, this method might prove a little bit tricky to some Opera Browser fans. The alternative method is to manually download and install the new update in the form of APK (Android Package Kit).

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