Apple ID Disabled – Quick Fixes

Apple ID Disabled

An Apple ID is a critical component for using your iPhone, so when it’s disabled, it becomes a problem and you can’t do stuff like buying apps or updating your subscription details on Apple ID billing.

When you find your Apple ID disabled, the device you’re using will alert you through onscreen messages, but it’ll also hinder you from performing actions that need the ID. You can get messages like “This Apple ID has been disabled/locked for security reasons” or “you can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons”.

Any of these alerts are a sure sign that your Apple ID has been disabled. As difficult as this may sound, it’s actually pretty easy to fix using the troubleshooting steps we’ve shared below. Try any of them and see what works for you.

Why is My Apple ID disabled?

This is chiefly for security reasons. Apple disables your ID whenever someone tries to access or log in to it several times with the wrong credentials, account info, or security questions. You could have forgotten or someone is trying to hack your apple ID with all kinds of password guesses.

Apple disables your ID instead of putting your account at potential risk, so only you can reactivate it. However, when disabled, you can’t even log in with the correct details until the account is re-enabled.

Apple ID disabled Fixes

Re-enable your account

  • Go to Apple website and reset your Apple ID
  • Try to sign in to your account with your Apple ID email address and the correct password. If you forgot, choose reset your Apple ID password
  • Follow the screen instructions to reset the password or unlock your account

Use Trusted Device

This is handy for two-factor authentication if you set this with your Apple ID. You can only access the ID if you have your username and password, plus a code generated by Apple while you try logging in.

Access one of your trusted devices that you set up with two-factor authentication, and the code will be sent to that device during unlocking or resetting of your Apple ID.

If you managed to re-enable your ID by changing the password, log in using the new password on all devices including FaceTime, iCloud and others.

Contact Apple

If you need extra help, maybe the instructions to log back into your Apple ID or to reset it didn’t help re-enable the Apple ID, contact Apple for help and further guidance.

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