How To Move Contacts From iPhone To Android

move contacts from iPhone to Android

Back in the day, you had to manually type one contact after another to transfer contacts from one mobile platform to another. Today, you can move contacts from iPhone to Android and vice versa as the phone can do almost all the work for you and in a short time too.

There are different methods you can use to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, but we’ll look at just a few you can get started with quickly.

Move contacts from iPhone to Android

Text or Email transfer

This method is only feasible when you have few contacts on your iPhone or you want to move few of them to your Android phone. Open Contacts in your iPhone and select the contacts you want transferred and then swipe down to move them via text or email.

Google account

You can use your Google account, which is what you need to use an Android phone, so if you haven’t set one yet, you can create an account from Google homepage. This can be done from desktop or on your smartphone.

  • Once you get an account, take the steps below:
  • Go to Mail, Contacts and Calendars on your iPhone settings menu
  • Enter the Google account
  • Press Add account and select Gmail
  • Enter your login credentials
  • If you’re asked which parts you want synced, ensure the Contacts option is checked

The iPhone and Android phones will start to sync with one another. Be patient especially if you have many contacts as it may take some time, but keep the internet connection active while syncing.

Note: iPhone won’t alert you that the syncing is done, but you can check progress by going to Google Contacts on your desktop, log in with your Google account and check the contacts list.

Once syncing is completed, sign in to your Android device using your account information from Google and you’re good to go.

iCloud transfer

If you enabled iCloud on your iPhone, do this to move contacts from iPhone to Android:

  • Open Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Accounts. You’ll see iCloud listed here
  • Select iCloud and turn on the toggle for Contacts
  • You’ll get a prompt to “Merge” your contacts with iCloud
  • Go to on a web browser and sign in with your Apple ID
  • Select Contacts
  • Click the gear icon and press Select All
  • Click the gear icon again and select Export vCard
  • Go to and click Mail
  • Select Contacts
  • Click More tab and select Import
  • Select Choose File and choose the saved vCard file
  • Once it is imported, Gmail will display the imported contacts. You can get rid of duplicates by pressing Find & Merge Duplicates under More tab

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