How To Fix Android Phone Won’t Connect To WiFi

Android Phone Won’t Connect To WiFi

WiFi connection issues tend to show up at the worst of times, when you need to get something urgent done or check something on the web. If your Android phone won’t connect to WiFi, you’d be relieved to know it’s a common problem, so there are solutions that can help you get back online.

We’ll show you some fixes you can use to solve your connectivity issue so you don’t have to endure the frustrations of not being able to send your emails, browse, or chat with friends and family.

Fix Android phone won’t connect to WiFi

Check WiFi settings

This is usually the first culprit when your phone won’t connect to WiFi. Check that the connection is on and that WiFi is on from your Android device. You may have forgotten to turn it on or switched off by error.

To do this, slide or pull down the notification bar and check that the WiFi icon is enabled. You can also go to Settings>Wireless and network menu (or the name it goes by on your phone) and turn it on.

Check that airplane mode is off too. But if WiFi is on and airplane mode is off and you still can’t connect, try the next solution.

Check your router credentials

If you’re trying to connect to the wrong network, your Android phone won’t connect to WiFi. This happens especially where you share the same ISP with others around you, so sometimes the network names may be similar. Check the name of your network at the bottom of your router on a sticker with the details you need.

Double check the password from the same sticker underneath the router, and re-enter the password for the correct network name and try connecting again.

Reboot router and Android phone

Restarting your router helps resolve the problem as sometimes it could be network issues causing your phone not to connect to WiFi. Unplug the router from the power source, and wait a minute before plugging back in, and another two minutes for the router to turn on again.

Try and connect once everything is back to normal. If it still doesn’t connect, restart your Android phone and check if the internet works again.

Forget and reconnect the WiFi network

This means you delete the WiFi network, and then search for it again. To do this:

  • Open Settings
  • Locate the WiFi network
  • Select the network
  • Tap “Forget” button
  • Reconnect to the same network with your password

Factory reset

When all else fails, you can factory reset your phone and see if it helps by going to Settings>Backup and Reset>Factory Reset. This wipes the data from your device so make sure you backup everything before doing the reset.

If none of these work, try your phone repair guy or an Android device expert.

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