Corrupt Chrome Profile – Here’s How To Fix It

Corrupt Chrome Profile

A corrupt Chrome profile can manifest in different ways. These include not being able to open your profile, or even use it because it’s from a newer version of Chrome. Sometimes you could find that Chrome will open to a blank screen, crashes immediately, or your settings and account are unavailable.

All these are indicators that the settings or extensions on Chrome are corrupt, and you may not enjoy your experience browsing due to slow performance, crashes, or freezing.

We’ll show you how to fix a corrupt Chrome profile so you can get back to your browsing and work activity.

How to fix a corrupt Chrome profile

Remove/block extensions in Chrome

  • Close Chrome and open it again
  • Click More>More Tools>Extensions
  • Beside each extension is a dustbin icon, click on each to remove the extensions one by one
  • Close Chrome and try opening again to see if the profile is okay now

To block third-party extensions, click the gear icon in Chrome and select Tools>Extensions and block all third-party extensions you see.

Chrome cleanup tool

You can run this tool in Windows computers and try opening Chrome again and check the profile.

Reset Chrome

To do this:

  • Open Chrome, click More>Settings>Advanced settings>Reset
  • Click Reset and click again to confirm
  • Close Chrome and restart it to check if it restores your profile

Delete profiles

Deleting profiles will also remove anything related to each of the profiles including history, saved passwords, or bookmarks. You can do this using the steps below:

  • Open Chrome and click More>Settings
  • Go to People and look at the profiles and click on each to highlight and delete
  • Close and restart Chrome to create a new profile

Remove ad-filtering apps

Such apps block ads so deleting them prevents conflicts. To do this:

  • Go to the search box, and type uninstall a program
  • Click Settings
  • Remove the ad-filter app

Disable Sandbox mode

Sandbox mode tends to cause corrupt Chrome profile errors. To fix it, disable this setting and prevent temporary suspension of some Chrome features by taking the steps below:

  • Right click Chrome icon and select Properties>Shortcut tab
  • Add –no-sandbox command at the end of the Target textbox and click apply then OK

Were you able to fix the corrupt Chrome profile? Share in a comment below.

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