Google Pixel 4 Leaks Revealed Hole-Punch Display and iPhone 11-like Multi-Lens Cameras

For all the excited fans of the Google Pixel devices, Google Pixel 4 has plenty of reasons to wait for it. We have the latest leaks about Google’s flagship, and better reasons to wait for it. The Google Pixel 4 will come with a hole-punch display such as Samsung Galaxy S10, and a multi-lens camera that is similar to the camera setup from the iPhone 11.

Looking back, this isn’t the first time Google is copying Apple with the features on their phones. Even if the cameras are similar, we don’t know if Google is copying Apple, or both companies have been working simultaneously at the rear-camera design. However, if we retake a look at the first-generation of Pixel phones, they looked the same as the iPhones.

At that time, Google has been making a big deal for its phones featuring a headphone jack. After one year, Google has killed the audio port just as Apple has done. The company has confirmed after that removing the 3.5 mm connector is helping the phones with all-screen designs.
Also, last year, when the Pixel 3 has been launched, Google has been one of the companies that have copied the iPhone X notch, more precisely to the Pixel 3 XL.

Latest Google Pixel 4 leaks revealed more details on the upcoming device

Unfortunately for Google, the notch is horrible, especially on the Google Pixel 3 classic design even for the 2018 standards. Another thing that Google has done was with wireless charging. The Pixel 3a has received the wireless feature after Apple added to the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series.

Going further to Google Pixel 4, the company could jump to three cameras on the rear if the leaks are correct. Even if Google had said that one good camera is enough on the back, in that way the company can win on the market with it, especially if even the mid-range handsets are having now at least two cameras on the back.

Finally, we are hoping that the Pixel 4 will be different this time, because the company has been producing phones since the partnership with HTC, and there were a lot of problems. Even if the new Pixel 4 will probably look like a combination between the iPhone 11 and the Galaxy S10, maybe this time, Google will produce a device that people want to buy.

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