Minecraft Dungeons Is a Big Deal for Every Fan of the Game

The best-selling videogame of all time is coming with a new project. During E3 2019, the developer of Minecraft, Mojang has revealed the next project called Minecraft Dungeons. The fans are having a real reason for joy, especially the one under the age of 15. For them, Minecraft itself is a big deal, especially the new project, Minecraft Dungeons.

The original title of Minecraft has the purpose of getting the player to focus on crafting and exploring. But the new Minecraft Dungeons is set just like an Action RPG genre. Every player and another three friends from online or local can team up and explore the nine generated levels named biomes. They have to hunt for troves of treasure and finally to defeat the evil Arch-Illager.

However, Minecraft Dungeons is designed based on other ideas. Players are receiving the freedom to play how they want and with whom they wish to.

Minecraft Dungeons to launch in Spring 2020

In Minecraft Dungeons, you will have no classes, just armor types. You will see that as a player you will have a melee and ranged weapon. You can also summon wolves and bats to help you in the battle. Players can equip the armor much stronger and also switch to healing or ranged duties in the middle of a level. This system allows you to adapt your play style for facing the challenges.

Also, all weapon and armor can be used in combination with each other, and even the status effects are inherent to the gun. Of course, the arms from the defeated mobs will be randomly, and they are following the standard, rare, and unique levels. However, the health and inflicted damage will be scaled in Dungeons. That means the low-level players can fight alongside the level maxed players and survive, but their contribution isn’t so significant.

Finally, the new Minecraft Dungeons will be available in Spring 2020 on Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The price expected for the game will be between $20 and $30 in the Hero Edition.

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