iOS 13 Beta – Here’s How To Get It

iOS 13 Beta

Want to try out iOS 13 beta on your iPhone? Well, if you’re a developer, you may need some little assistance in doing this ahead of its full release probably in September, with the iPhone 11.

But before you do, it’s important to note that the developer beta and the iOS 13 public beta that followed are difficult to install, and there’s no guarantee of their complete stability. Similarly, until it’s final release, some apps may not work with this beta version.

If you’d rather wait for the public beta version that is soon coming in July to all iPhone users, you can minimize the irritation or risk that comes with it. If you’d like a foretaste of iOS 13 and its cool new features like Dark Mode that will be in the next iPhone OS, read on.

Without further ado, check out the steps to download iOS 13 beta (for developers).

How to Get iOS 13 beta on your iPhone

Back up your iPhone

This is a precautionary step so you can restore the iPhone’s apps, settings and data to normal in case something doesn’t work with the beta version.

Enroll in Apple Developer Program

In order to test run the beta version in iPhone, you have to be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, which you can sign up for if you’re not. Just head on over to the Apple Developer Program’s registration page and follow the instructions to sign up and get enrolled.

To do this, you need basic personal information including your Apple ID and $100, for a new developer. This also gives you early access to macOS and different other beta software.

Download and install iOS 13 beta

Now that you’re enrolled and have a developer account, take the steps below to download and install the beta on iPhone:

  • Go to the Apple Developer page
  • Click Operating Systems tab
  • Scroll down to iOS 13 beta section
  • Select between installing using macOS 10.15 beta or through Xcode 11 beta. MacOS 10.15 beta is another developer beta. You can also install via iTunes (even though it’s going away)
  • From the list of phones, choose the iPhone you’re loading the beta version to. It should not be older than iPhone SE, iPhone 6S or iPod Touch (7th gen) as it won’t update to this ios version.

Were you able to download and install ios 13 beta on your iPhone? Let us know in the comment section below, and stay tuned for the new version when its ready for download.

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