How To Reset Google Chrome To Default Settings

Reset Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser keeps evolving, which means even the level of control it offers as it gets modifications also changes. You can reset Google Chrome but there are several customizable settings in Chrome that you can use from tweaking the functionality of the homepage and more.

It’s possible to get a tailored experience from Chrome, but all these come with a few drawbacks.

No matter how many changes you made, some of which come with more problems, others made without your consent, you can reset Chrome settings to the original default. Your personal data and other settings associated with your Google account and those stored in the cloud won’t be wiped out.

The steps below apply to users running Chrome on Linux, Windows, Chrome OS, macOS X, and macOS Sierra.

How to Reset Google Chrome to Default Settings

What Happens when you Reset Chrome

Before you hit the Reset button, here’s a list of the changes that can happen if you decide to restore or reset Chrome:

  • The New Tab page in Chrome will be cleared
  • Any themes or extensions you install will be inactive
  • Custom startups will be removed
  • Your home page button will be hidden even if its currently on Chrome’s main toolbar
  • Any custom homepage URLs will also be deleted
  • Any changes made to the default search engine and other installed search engines in Chrome will be reverted to their original state
  • Cookies, cache, browsing history, and other browsing data will be deleted

If you don’t mind these changes, click Reset and get the restoration process complete. Similarly, items such as Chrome version, Locale, Startup type, User Agent, default search engine, installed extensions and if your home page is in the new tab page will be shared with Google automatically.

If you don’t want to share these settings with Google, uncheck the box next to Help make Google Chrome better by reporting the current settings option before resetting Chrome.

Advanced Settings

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Click Menu
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll down and click Show advanced settings link, and then scroll down to the Reset settings section
  • Click Reset settings

You’ll get a confirmation that details the components that’ll be restored to default if you go ahead with the restore or reset on Chrome.

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