The Elder Scrolls VI Update – It Would Be Played A Decade!

Todd Howard, Bethesda director, is saying that The Elder Scrolls VI with its upcoming installment for the most popular open-world role-playing series could be played at least for one decade. If this is true, then this game has a more extended period than a console generation. The promises made by Howard came from an interview in which he revealed the goal of the company. Bethesda Game Studio has the same project in mind with The Elder Scrolls VI such as they did with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The last game has longevity of eight years, and it’s still played to this day.

In the interview, Howard is saying that they want people to see the game with a fresh perspective. He suggests that the new game The Elder Scrolls VI will come with powerful new technology, and it will be a severe gap between Skyrim and it. Also, the game will come with the next generation of consoles.

Besides this, Howard has been talking about Starfield, another game from Bethesda that keeps very far away. Regarding Starfield, the game will have a more science-fiction theme just as Fallout has its post-apocalyptic theme. So Howard’s purpose is to make The Elder Scrolls the best and most wanted science-fiction game for everyone.

Also, Howard has been praising his team for their talent and experience, and he thinks that they could make it work. Plus having the technology on their side and create even a new one for what they plan to do.

Finally, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has sold 3.4 million copies at launching, and it is played by more than 230.000 people until now. Bethesda has been recorded a big hit with this title, and for sure, the next one, The Elder Scrolls VI, will top all of that.

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